Thursday, July 17, 2008

The bedroom, soon to be a getaway.

I will admit, I think the nature of the bedroom has gotten much better. I used to stuff random things in the bedroom when company was coming. This hasn't really happened in our new home. To me, that's progress!
But, living life leaves messes, too. I cleaned up the bedroom months ago, sometime since Christmas. It's gotten cluttered again. Like a Warm Cup of Coffee is working a 31-day challenge. I was on top of it until it came to doctor appointments and going on vacation. I left off somewhere around "cleaning your bedroom."

All that to say (gee, I'm long-winded) that I cleaned up most of the bedroom again on Tuesday. All it takes is about three minutes of "How Clean is Your House" for me to get moving again. ICK.

Most of the mess was toys and blankets, but I did take out a grocery bag's worth of trash and some newspapers. I'll count 25 items toward that ever-growing total.


Sarah Mae said...

If I get more iron do you think I'll be less sleepy? What foods have iron in them anyway? I do take a prenatal.

Beth said...

Ugh, the bedroom. I'd pretty much call that flying enemy #1 here. I'll need lots of therapy when it comes to doing that room, lol. Thanks for the inspiration!