Friday, June 13, 2008


I am one of those people who buys containers, fills them up, and forgets about them. I hate this, but it happens.

Today, I sorted through a container of 'stuff' that had homes, but hadn't seen them in a long time. That's the trouble with crash-cleaning. You burn out by the end, and can't deal with the piles left. Eventually the piles get put together again, and... the cycle continues.

SO! I didn't throw away much, but lots of stuff found homes. Band-aids, hair ties, pliers, sewing items... yuck.

No count increase today, but a huge success for clutter.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tally Thursday?

(How dumb is it that you can post a totally empty window?)

Where did the week go?
94 e-mail
two bags candy
forty misc items
library books
more trash
gift basket

Monday, June 2, 2008

Cheaters never prosper

Never? What a bummer. I deleted 94 e-mails today, all from ebay. That puts my count over 200, not to mention nearly 300 now.

Also, I pulled a box of junk out of the pantry and sorted it. I put old bills away, threw away some old cards, found pictures and curtain hangers, post-it notes and an ornament. I wouldn't even know how much I threw away. A quick estimate would be around forty.

I threw away ANOTHER two bags of candy. (You'd think my family would find all of this and eat it. Apparently, hiding things in the open is effective.)

I guess that makes my count over 300 now, too. This feels like prosperity to me!