Friday, August 1, 2008


I'm feeling pretty down today, and my go-to ear is a bit stressed, himself.
Dancing Queen's 6th birthday is tomorrow. We have at least three kids coming for a party.

The house, no surprise, is a mess. It's 10am, I've eaten breakfast, showered, and addressed several crises. I have a big list of things to do, and I feel like there's no possible way to get it done. It's an easy enough list, with basic stuff on it- vacuum, do the dishes... things that I'd be doing, anyway.

But when the baby pushes the gate down and interrupts your shower, and when you find the litter box in the middle of the almost-clean room, it's discouraging.

I have to start somewhere, of course. I think things will turn around soon. I just need to get going. I'm starting with the sweeping.

Bonus, there's a lot of throwing-away going on this week. Yesterday, I threw away lots of coupons from the counter (some expired in April!) and a whole 13 gallon bag of stuff from the basement.

Earlier this week, I sorted the pile on the dresser. You know when things have been sitting there for over a year, you likely don't need them. :-P Well, we did need some of it, like the very important document I found, but a large portion of it is gone now.

I'm counting 55 toward those purges. I've also dropped the day count. It's just not working for me.

The kryptonite seems to be the stuff that's not trash, but turns into trash by use. How do you tackle that?

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