Monday, September 8, 2008

Labor day weekend

What a treat! My in-laws were headed to Kansas City for Labor Day weekend, and I was inspired to ask if they wanted to take the kids, too. They did!
So, my two older girls left Friday at noon, and I didn't see them again until Wednesday morning!
We had the littlest, and THREE WHOLE DAYS without work. Man, that was nice.
I had a list a mile long of things to do while they were gone. Then I came to my senses. heh.
Mostly, we cleaned the garage and the playroom. We also went shopping and played games on the Wii.
The garage- I wish I had before and after pictures! Basically, we have a three car garage, and only two cars. The last bay was holding a few remaining moving boxes, a table we had moved out of the house, stacks of newspapers, but worst of all, toys, papers, clothes and trash that get thrown out of the van and into the mess.
I picked up a whole basket's worth of clothes, threw out SO many boxes and collapsed and kept much more. Oh! I did take video of the pile of trash on trash day. I'll get after Digital to get that done.
I sorted toys out, combined several boxes of stuff into one (to be gone through later). Digital sorted his tools, used a few to fix the van, and we moved the table into the corner to actually be useful.
We threw out two good dishpack boxes (I KNOW! but what could I do?), full of newspaper and packing peanuts. We threw out a good four or five boxes that were packaging for stuff, one full of over 100 items of trash. We moved an unused trash can into the house. I packed up a bunch of things to give to Arc. Of those, a lamp that's never been used, and a snowglobe that our oldest daughter received as a birthday present, and wasn't ever opened. That caused a bit of discussion between us, but the rules stand: it held no sentimental value, it wasn't being used, etc.
And we swept out all kinds of dirt, tumbleweed and brake dust. The garage looks *good* and I still stop in surprise when I walk out.
We're certainly not done yet. One thing we didn't tackle was the pile of newspapers. With any luck, I'll get that done tonight and they'll be out for pick-up tomorrow. There's more, but it all takes time.

I haven't even started on the playroom! Long story short, I got rid of 110 trashy toys, old papers and other trash. The good toys got put away, and so far the kids have been good about returning items to their boxes, and back up on the shelves.

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