Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back in the game

Dear Dorothy is not out of the woods yet, but life must go on. I've been trying to mentally get back in the game for a while, and yesterday, I had a small success.

I have looked at my bookshelves previously, trying to weed out books I don't need or want anymore. It is HARD! I've never been able to part with any of them.

So, I was looking at them, and happened to spot a couple I knew I wouldn't need. I grabbed those, spotted some more than I don't want to keep. The bonus was that we had a friend visiting, and I gave her two books, too! YAY!

Once the ball got rolling, it was easy.

Five books to donate, and two books gifted.


Jolanthe said...

It is SOOOO hard to get rid of those homeschooling books! I keep thinking -what if I need that later?

I have tubs of my preschool supplies from when I taught and I've weeded through those, but it's hard to get rid of that too. The "what-ifs" keep coming back to haunt me!

Sigh. I love that you are counting things to get rid of. Last week I took so much stuff to Goodwill and also to the curb. Such a LOVELY feeling!


Anna said...

Welcome Jolanthe!
The hardest part about the homeschooling books is that there are different learning styles, and maybe one of the younger children will need that style, instead?