Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's warm and sunny

What should I do? Oh, yeah! Clean out the garage and get rid of the winter's build up of "throw it in there and run away." heh
I don't feel like I made a big dent in there today. I know it sounds strange, but I had over thirty newspapers *still in their bags* sitting around. See, the major paper in the area has been delivering to us, without a subscription. I should just call them and tell them to quit, but then I'll be on THE LIST. They'll call incessently, I promise. I'd rather stay off the radar. (Sorry for that rant.) We bring the paper in every day (and throw it in a pile in the garage), so that we don't look abandoned. In the meantime, I get free coupons.

So... I stacked up thirty newspapers, saving the coupons. I'm about halfway through the coupons, too.

I also threw away various trash things found while I was cleaning, like old fast food cups. I'll put the total count at 35.

I fear the garage will be the focus for some time to come. Poor you.

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