Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tally Thursday?

(How dumb is it that you can post a totally empty window?)

Where did the week go?
94 e-mail
two bags candy
forty misc items
library books
more trash
gift basket


Beth said...

Purging emails? Brilliant! I'm so adding that to my list!
Happy purging! :-)

Daiquiri said...

I'm fascinated by what you're doing here. You have me sitting here thinking about what we've cleaned out lately...hmmm? Maybe I can sneak into the playroom while my children sleep??

My latest thing lately is composting. Simple and silly, I know. But it's just so satisfying to take stuff that I'd normally throw away and turn it into something that's useful!

Thanks for visiting earlier today. I really enjoy hearing from you :)

Anna said...

Daiquiri, I'm really facinated by the idea of a... worm box. How cool (and disgusting!) would that be?!