Friday, June 13, 2008


I am one of those people who buys containers, fills them up, and forgets about them. I hate this, but it happens.

Today, I sorted through a container of 'stuff' that had homes, but hadn't seen them in a long time. That's the trouble with crash-cleaning. You burn out by the end, and can't deal with the piles left. Eventually the piles get put together again, and... the cycle continues.

SO! I didn't throw away much, but lots of stuff found homes. Band-aids, hair ties, pliers, sewing items... yuck.

No count increase today, but a huge success for clutter.


Suzanne said...

I believe that you did do some GREAT decluttering. You rid yourself of several unwanted things...those items weren't "wanted" sitting in a container somewhere, KWIM? Now they are in a logical place where they will be used.

And, if they aren't used for awhile, I know it won't take you long to zero in on them and declutter them further if need be!

Keep going, you're doing terrific. :-)

Anna said...

Thanks, Suzanne! I think I did, too, just not "thrown or given away." Maybe I should change the phrase on the counter.

Meredith said...

Wow, you're dedicated!

I am a champion stuffer and often find bags of random items in a closet somewhere. It's a family joke!

Sarah Mae said...

You have got to learn to TOSS! :)

But, that's okay, you probably have more helpful things on hand then I do!

Anna said...

Hardly! I do that, too. And, from my posting record, not with any regularity.
But, thank you. I'm glad you stopped by to visit. Now where are those placemats?

Rachel's Journal Pages said...

So true - such a cycle of packing away, finding again, packing away again, and so on... I totally relate.

Suzanne said...

Join us in this month's Focus Challenge and affirm to yourself that YOU DESERVE to be surrounded with only what you use, love, want and need!

I'd love it if you'd add a comment on the Focus Challenge post to share your feeling of victory over your clutter with your fellow 365 Challengers. You will definitely be an inspiration and motivation to us all!

Sarah Mae said...

That was the SWEETEST comment you left me about my comments - thank you so much! :)

Jolanthe said...

isn't decluttering wonderful?? :) In preparation for possibly moving/building, I am getting rid of stuff now, now, now! If it hasn't been used, it is getting out of my house!

I love feeling like I'm being released from something!

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...


you wanna hear a sad story? I cleaned all the junk out of my car, put it in a big bin, and then...well, you know what happened.

Couldn't find my new birthday iPod. Looked everywhere. Decided someone must have stolen it from my car. Bought a new one (fortunately a friend's for only $30)

Finally cleaned out the bin and...well. You know how this ends, don't you?

Beth said...

Oh dear, containers-yep, guilty here. Thanks for confessing, it's nice to know I'm not totally crazy, lol!