Saturday, August 2, 2008

A hard day's work

The house was fairly presentable for the party today, thank goodness. Every time the house looks this nice, I hope to keep it this way. But, inevitably, health problems get out of hand, and it all falls apart again.

I'm so cheerful today!

It was a crazy, wild, noisy party. The kids were sent home, the grandparents are gone, our own little ones (we didn't successfully give any away) are in bed. I'm beat. What do I do?

Purge the "important papers" box, of course. ??!!

It all started like this. I was lounging on the couch, watching Digital play a word game. I couldn't quite see the letters, which meant I was entirely unhelpful when I yelled, "QUAKE!" The E was actually a K. I've been thinking about getting new glasses, but I need to find my prescription first. (This is where Digital reminds me that I could just go... get a check-up?) The Rx might be in the important papers box.

One hour later, I have sorted through the whole thing. I did not find my Rx. I did find...

*old sermon notes
*user manuals to VCRs that are long gone
*energy guide and receipt for our washer/dryer
*insurance packets from our first house/rental
*student welcome packet for Digital's semester of grad school

Lots of other interesting things, too. Some that were meant to be there.

I'll take a stab at the focus challenge, although there's probably a new one for August.
C- credit cards, long expired
L- life insurance quote
U- university mail
E- energy rating for the clothes washer
R- receipts for computer memory

No T, yet.

I actually counted the pile tonight. The number is a bit skewed, I think, because I took things out of the envelopes as I was sorting. This means that it got counted separately as I finished up. I'm okay with that.

The final total?


Thank you, thankyouverymuch.


Monica said...

I've had my fair share days like that! Except I would have ignored the need to purge important papers1

Anna said...

I'm weird like that. When Digital and I have a fight, I am cleaning in the middle of it.
And the purge was hardly a pressing need, considering I threw out papers from seven years ago! It's just what I ran across and felt the urge to tackle it.

Monica said...

Its good to get those urges. I take advantage of of them when I happen to get one!

Monica said...

I'm in Arizona. You probably wonder if the heat is really that bad?!

I haven't been able to figure out how to do I guess its called a hyperlink where instead of typing out the entire address you can just type in Like a Cup of Coffee? Where do you learn how to do your bloggy stuff?

Daiquiri said...

I've had a chance to respond to your comments at my blog, if you're interested. I commented there because I'm betting that others might have the same questions/issues and might like to see my response.