Wednesday, April 16, 2008

100 PLUS!

YAY! The sidebar says I've cleared the house of 114 items. I can't wait to hit 200. :)

As I said, last night I told my husband about this project. Also, because we are a very open couple with each other, I showed him every last item going out to the curb tomorrow. We had a good discussion about the things I'm giving away, and why we don't need them. I wasn't surprised, he wanted to keep a few of the things I had put away.

Now, I know this goes against flylady ideals. We're not supposed to look again, we're supposed to get rid of things quickly. I just can't do that. My marriage to Digital is such that we are 100% supportive to each other in everything. Yet, he has a clutter problem, too. For me, this seems to be the best way to achieve my goal and respect his needs as well.

Anyway, he did talk me into keeping one thing. It's a little one-piece suit that my beloved grandmother bought for my first daughter. Honestly, it's quite boyish, and I never wanted to put it on my girls. But, I've hoped that we'd have a boy, and if we do, I want to honor my grandmother's memory by putting on him.

All that typed out, it sounds silly. It may end up in the ARC box eventually. Maybe even tomorrow.

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