Saturday, April 5, 2008

More baby stuff

Don't even say it. ;)

There was more clutter on the changing table, so it's going out tonight.

I have two expired bottles of meds- infant tylenol and infant tylenol cold/cough.
A cracker. :-P
three dried out markers
A half of the ball and the rattle for a cat toy.
a string
a puffy care bear sticker
a pen
a beaded necklace that I used for a nursing necklace. It broke, at some point.
a receipt
a twist tie

Also going out tonight is a paperback Pooh book that's finally bit the dust. It had a missing page and a missing cover, but now it's in half.

I think I'll keep the pen, probably give the necklace to arc, and throw away the rest.

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