Friday, April 11, 2008

How much? This much.

Folks (all two of you), how much do I need this project? I can't find the camera. heh. It's lost somewhere, either in the house or the car. Easy, isn't it? ;)

So, um... if I had the camera, I'd take a picture of the socks Digital and I sorted last night. Once upon a time, we were newly pregnant with the Dancing Queen. Some friends of ours were done having kids, and they gave us a few boxes of stuff. Blankets, clothes, even a car seat (these were the days before there were expiration dates and we didn't know any better.) There were a bunch of socks. Being the fabulous housekeeper I am (SHUT UP), I used them until they fell apart.

NOT. I used them, lost them, bought more for myself. Lost those. Bought more. Now we're drowning in socks.

I had a box of matched socks, a box of unmatched socks, and a sock mixer. No really. I had the first two boxes, plus a basket that was half full of socks, plus random clothes that were mostly "keep here until I reorganize the sizes."

So, we matched. Digital and I were surprised at the number of matches that were made. We ended up with only a couple of handfuls of unmatched socks. Of those that I didn't like, I threw away (ten, I'd say). The ones that I knew had matches (in the laundry, for instance) got set aside. I WILL work those out or throw them away, I promise.

The matches socks were sorted into "useful" and "so strange I've never used them." The last group (about twenty pair) is going to Arc, which I DO feel bad about- but I think there's got to be someone out there who really needs them, no matter how weird or ugly.

But, that was yesterday! I have to find something else today. Man, this is not easy.

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