Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Cassette tapes

Today I'm going to get rid of the cassette tapes I have left and get rid of the ones I wouldn't buy on iTunes. I'm fairly picky about what I buy, so I figure if it wouldn't be worth the 99 cents to have a digital version, it's not worth keeping.

I'll be back later to update which tapes I culled.

One totally BLANK tape!
Two tapes with the "One Fine Day" soundtrack on them???
Mariah Carey, Music Box
Carmen, The Standard
Steve Camp, Taking Heaven by Storm
Steve Green, Where Mercy Begins
and last, but not least,
an autographed copy of an album by Grant Goodeve.

I'll admit to the Mariah Carey and Carmen tapes. The two Steves came from a Christmas when I put "Steven Curtis Chapman" on my wish list, and these guys were close enough, I guess.
I saw Grant Goodeve in concert as a teenager, and I think the excitement of going to a concert overwhelmed me. ;)

It's going out to the give away box in the garage (I do keep a running collection, but it's officially daily, now). The box goes to the local ARC.

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