Thursday, April 3, 2008

changes, and a 'thing'

I added a link to Suz's blog, whose efforts at a forum I visit started the whole movement. Yes, there are more people that are committed to this challenge. I'm not sure how many, though.

Today's declutter item is a "thing." I can't quite define it more than that. It was a flower-picture-frame-bear-stand. This thing came into my house when the Tree Fairy was born (update: I remember that there was a bag of candy on the bottom, too!). I've never put a picture in it, it just sits on her changing table and does nothing. NOT ANYMORE!
I have taken a picture, and I'll post it when I find the cord. (Digital, I need a card reader!)

I admit, the tree fairy wanted the bear, so I cut it out, as much as I could. It (not HE, it doesn't have feelings!) was stuck to one of the posts. She played with it for all of ten seconds, and dropped it. Just now, I stuck it in my lap to throw it away, and she came looking for it! Aaaahhhh. It will all go in the trash, very soon.

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Suzanne said...

I really appreciate the nod of thanks and the link! P.S. You have been tagged. Check out my 365 Days of Decluttering blog for details.