Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Second wind

You know that extra energy you get when you've been up too late? Last night, I inventoried the things I'm giving to ARC, and then went searching for non-perishables to also give to the VOA. ARC is picking up for both of them.

Well, looking through my pantry gave me some inspiration to clean out my spice cabinet. Let me tell you, the spice cabinet is almost as big as the medicine cabinet. I have a LOT.

Well, quite a bit less after last night. I found a bunch of expired stuff. Now, flylady had assigned this last week, and I blew it off. HA! I use my spices SO often, I'm sure I don't have anything that's expired.


I threw away:
three gravy/spice packets
six packets of parmasean cheese (like, from the pizza delivery box)
a whole, unopened box of pectin
2 containers of ground mustard
a cream of tartar bottle
powdered butter, which is about three years old
a bottle of nutmeg
and a hot salt sample, which we will never use

I also found a bunch of items that VOA will be happy to pass onto someone else. I didn't inventory those, but I should. There were nine items, including frosting and asian salad dressing.

I went 'public' with this goal last night- more about that later.

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