Thursday, April 10, 2008

Progress, not perfection

*hangs head in shame* I did not throw anything away yesterday. I have been finding things as I wander around the house, and yesterday, I just didn't notice anything specific.

But, there's a phrase to help me out. "Progress, not perfection." It is a reminder that the whole project is not a failure if I've dropped a day. It's the project as a whole that matters, and this will NOT get me down!

Today is another day. I pick up, start again, and keep going. A year from now, I will still be better off, and that's what matters.

So, today's items are fabulous. I cleaned out the fridge. You DO NOT want to know what was in there. We won't be counting them in my handy-dandy counter over there.

I poked around in the pantry and found... a diaper wipe lid. Oooh, now I remember why I was keeping it- I have medicines in the container a few shelves higher. No matter, I'm sure it will be functional without the lid.

I also found a set of candles that weren't being displayed. I set them up on a bookshelf (usefulness, SCORE!) and THREW AWAY THE BOX.

Yes, you too can free yourself. You will survive if you don't have the specialized wrapping for your doodads. (Now, granted, I keep the ones that are highly specialized.) Your doodads will survive without their boxes. I hear newspaper works well. (Just don't keep the newspaper for wrapping EITHER.)

Not to mention, you have to find a place to store it! Who wants to do that? Then, if you happen to find a good place (admit it, it's thrown in a corner somewhere), you still have to LOOK at it, and it's taking up *empty space*. You could be enjoying that space! You could use it for something that NEEDS to be saved.

Give it a hug... take a picture if you must, and THROW IT OUT.

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